Fox News poll shows Nikki Haley is most electable. Is she? Also, Sen Kennedy strikes again! (Ep 17)

Former SC Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has been saying she is the most “electable of all the GOP presidential candidates…..according to a new Fox News poll….she may not be exaggerating her potential…..we will do a deep dive into the latest Fox News poll ..just released.

In another Fox News poll…. More than a month after Hamas launched a horrific attack in Israel, …..most voters blame the terrorist group for the war in the Gaza Strip and continue to side with the Israelis over the Palestinians.


New Jersey will drop a requirement that candidates for public office sign an oath that includes the phrase “so help me God” in filing paperwork for their candidacy…..and people wonder why our country has fallen out of favor with God…..


Senator John Kennedy strikes again….. A nominee for a district judgeship in Oklahoma struggled during her nomination hearing on Wednesday to define basic terms for orders issued regularly by judges.


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