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The Last Line of Defense

Editors’ Note: At The Prickly Pear, we often run as many as ten fresh videos a day. We think all of them are important or we would not select them. But as with most things, some videos are more important, and more eloquent, than others. With so little time, and so much to read or see, it is easy for something like this to get lost in the mass of online information. We find this video to be one of the most important speeches that we have ever heard. It comes at an important time, with moral clarity and moral courage that we can all use right now. We highly recommend that you find the time to listen to this entire address. And then, we hope you will take the advice that she gives at the end. In whatever capacity you can, you need to stand up and fight.

There are many ways to fight the leftist, woke and dangerous, yes, murderous trends that are endangering our nation, our culture, our liberty, and our American way of life. The key point is to fight, to resist in any way you can to turn our current national crisis back toward the foundational American values and beliefs that made our nation the greatest force of good ever in history. Citizen journalism is a rapidly growing force in this battle and we at The Prickly Pear ask you to support our mission to educate, advocate and influence Arizonan and American readers at this critical time for our nation and our liberty. Please consider a contribution for our important and common mission. The times are very serious and the months and years to come may be very different than we expect. The key is a fighting spirit and a commitment to not lose our Republic and our history to enemies both within and outside our borders.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.