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Hudson King joins us from Big Rock

Hudson King joined me for a few minutes this morning to talk about the advantages of using Travertine in your next home improvement project….and the many other natural stone and hardscape products you will find at Big Rock. Run by to check out their showroom and visit them at GoBigRock.com

Hudson King (from Big Rock) visits the Morning Answer

Looking to get started on that outdoor project this spring? A visit to Big Rock can offer some inspiration on how you can use natural stone and hardscaping to create your dream space. Hudson King, with Big Rock, spent a few minutes talking with me about the huge variety they offer to get you started. […]

Covid Relief the American People Don’t Need

I’m puzzled by the results of a poll….concerning the $1.9 trillion Biden Covid 19 relief plan, or affectionately known by Democrats, as the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.” A majority of Republican voters support President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, according to the Morning Consult poll, which found that 60 percent of […]

Phil Boyce on the Future of Talk Radio

Phil Boyce, SVP/Spoken Word Format, Salem Media Group and Salem Radio Network,  wrote an excellent column on the role Talk Radio will play over the next few years with Democrats in control of  The White House and both house of Congress. You can read the column published on Talkers.com titled: Talk Radio: America’s Last Best Hope Out […]