WH downplays Biden comments that GOP is killing millions; RNC take election integrity seriously; secrets to long life (EP 121)

The White House on Tuesday downplayed remarks President Biden made earlier in the day in which he seemed to suggest that House Republicans were essentially “killing millions of Americans” by slashing the Affordable Care Act.

 A Democrat Attorney General announced on Tuesday that she would not enforce a ruling from her state’s supreme court upholding an 1864 law that bans most abortions. Want to guess which state this is?

Election integrity is a major issue on many American’s minds as we head toward the November general election. Some states are taking action and SC is one of those. The South Carolina Senate passed the Citizens Only Voting Amendment (COVA) 40-3 in a bipartisan vote last week and it nows heads to the State House.

Want to live a long and healthy life? The world’s oldest man, age 111, shares his secrets to living a long life….we have those for you coming up later in today’s episode.


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