US Says no Reoccupation of Gaza while PM Netanyahu blames Civilian Casualties on Hamas and Sen Tim Scott suspends campaign (Ep 14)

National security adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday emphasized the U.S.’s stance on the future of Gaza, arguing the U.S. believes the basic principles of the future include “no reoccupation of Gaza” and “no forcible displacement of the Palestinian people.”

 Panelists on the Fox Business Network ripped GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel over her feud with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy ….you may remember that Mr. Ramaswamy challenged the RNC’s record of losing races in both the mid-terms of 2022 and again in last week’s elections in a number of local and state elections.

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that blame for civilian casualties should lie with Hamas and maintained Israel is committed to protecting civilians.

 Nikki Haley on Sunday downplayed Donald Trump’s lead in the polls — saying the American people are “tired” of the former president’s antics as she bashed his prospects of winning the 2024 election.