US House fails to chastise two of it’s own and HAMAS terrorist tells how he butchered young children (Ep 6)

Nearly two dozen Republicans voted along with all House Democrats to table a resolution censuring Rashida Tlaib in a final vote of 222 to 186 in favor of killing the motion without debate. Democrats briefly broke out into applause when the resolution failed.

A Hamas terrorist told an Israel Securities Authority (ISA) official he and another man shot and killed crying children who were inside a safe room, until the sounds could no longer be heard.

Health Watch: Eye drops sold at Walmart are being added to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) list of potentially dangerous products. Consumers are now being told to avoid the Equate Hydration PF Lubricant Eye Drop 10 mL, which is already being removed from Walmart store shelves and its online marketplace, due to the potential risk of eye infections.

Conservative advocacy group Building Americas Future is launching a six-figure ad buy across multiple 2024 swing states and congressional districts opposing the Biden administration’s proposed menthol cigarette ban citing the loss of $millions in tax revenue.