TX will fight Biden over border security; Maine backtracks on mandatory EV’s and be careful with gift cards (Ep43)

Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asserted Thursday that new lawsuits against a fledgling state law allowing law enforcement to arrest individuals suspected of entering Texas illegally will stand up in court or at least in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Is the new car smell wearing off of electric vehicles? A top Maine state environmental agency delayed a highly-anticipated vote to approve a sweeping electric vehicle (EV) mandate amid a storm that caused widespread power outages.

Writing for the Daily caller … LARRY ELDER asks the question…. If Donald Trump Is An ‘Insurrectionist’ For Criticizing An Election, What Does That Make Hillary?

A word of caution…as there will be many gift cards given for Christmas gifts and the scammers are working overtime.


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