Trump Prosecutor closing arguments end after 5 hours and DNC to have “virtual” convention to nominate Biden early (Ep 156)

New York prosecutors presented the jury with their closing argument in the case against former President Trump Tuesday, saying the case is “about a conspiracy and a cover-up,” and maintained that they have presented “powerful evidence” to convict. 

Is Joe Biden finally seeing the writing on the wall? It appears the Biden-Harris campaign is trying different tactics and are going to start being “nimble and creative” in their new “guerilla style” campaign tactics with surprise news conferences like the one yesterday with Hollywood actor Robert DeNiro.

ALSO: The DNC has found a way to get around Ohio’s ballot issue. The Democratic National Committee announced on Tuesday that it will nominate President Joe Biden through a “virtual roll call” vote ahead of the August convention to ensure he appears on the Ohio ballot this November.

More details have emerged on the $320 million dollar Biden administration floating pier designed to deliver aid to Gaza as authorities say the pier is breaking apart and starting to sink.

 A new study from Cornell University  suggests EVs are supercharging an impending environmental crisis and makes the argument there is not enough capacity to build the batteries necessary to meet the production demands of the Biden administration.


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