Trump holds 18 point lead in Iowa and MSNBC host says debate won’t be fair to Biden (Ep 170)

President Trump holds an 18-point lead over President Biden in Iowa, according to a new poll in a one-time crucial general election battleground state that’s shifted to the right over the past decade.

The White House went on the offensive against The New York Post yesterday for calling out President Biden’s frailty in a series of recent videos — only to make false statements of their own in the process.

MSNBC host Alex Wagner is worried President Biden will have  to overcome a “structural disadvantage” in the upcoming debates because he is being held to a “much higher” standard than his GOP rival, former President Trump.

 Remember when New York “required masks” they were one of the first to have mask mandates during Covid….now, Mayor Eric Adams says he is in favor of reinstating a mask ban in the Big Apple!

Tupperware Brands is closing its last remaining manufacturing plant in the U.S. and moving operations to Mexico, costing more than 100 US workers their jobs.



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