Trump challenges Biden to debate while Nikki Haley says she will not drop out! A catholic couple lost child because of pronouns (Ep 86)

Former President Donald Trump says he’s ready to face off with President Biden on the debate stage…..did you watch the Townhall last night with Laura Ingraham on Fox News? It was taped earlier yesterday in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the Greenville Convention Center.

Nikki Haley…just hours before the Trump Townhall was to be taped held her own news conference to make it clear she’s in the race for the duration.

House Speaker Mike Johnson has announced the formation of a bipartisan “task force” aimed at exploring how the United States can maintain its competitiveness in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) while also addressing the potential risks associated with the rapidly evolving technology.

Remington, the oldest gun manufacturer in the United States, is preparing to close its factory in New York, after more than two centuries of operation…..where are they going…they’re heading south!!


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