Stormy Daniels give the “salicious” details of alleged Trump affair as legal experts say testimony unnecessary (Ep 141)

It was a busy day in court for President Donald Trump…

Legal experts railed against former pornographic actress Stormy Daniels’ salacious testimony as “prejudicial” on Tuesday, as former President Trump’s legal team moved for a mistrial that ultimately failed in the action-packed court day.  

AND…. Trump’s classified records trial stemming from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation has been postponed with no new date. We have a full update on President Donald Trump persecution at the hands of our judicial system.

 US Senators are Demanding  Answers About Biden’s Illegal Ammunition Delay to Israel

 Biden Education Secretary Refuses To Say If He Would Let Boys Fight His Daughter And Undress In Front Of Her

 A question for all of you parents out there. Is it fair for you, as a parent and as the person paying for all of the expenses for your daughter’s wedding to be able to place a few demands on what the wedding will consist of….again, you are paying all the expenses?


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