Prosecutors say Hunter Biden’s gun case had cocaine on it and Ramaswamy endorses Trump (Ep 61)

A day after dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination, Vivek Ramaswamy shared the stage with Donald Trump to deliver an enthusiastic endorsement of the former president. Ron DeSantis went straight to SC…and Nikki Haley is back in New Hampshire where she’s in a do or die situation. Rumors are circulating that her donors expect her to at least have a strong 2nd place in New Hampshire…or the money may dry up.

New information about charges against Hunter Biden making false statements on the application to purchase a firearm. Federal prosecutors say a brown leather pouch used by Hunter Biden to store a gun had cocaine on it.

Sadly…. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an Indiana public school district’s request to defend a policy that restricted bathroom access by sex.

Millions of borrowers with existing student loans still have not made a payment since the bills resumed in October after a three-year hiatus, and some admit they are refusing to pay out of protest.

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