Prisoners sue over “constitutional” right to watch solar eclipse; Seattle schools eliminate honors classes over DEI (Ep 116)

KJP Pushes Back On Peter Doocy’s Question As He Presses Her On Alleged Double Standard Between Biden And Trump.

Do prisoners have a constitutional right to watch the solar eclipse coming up next week? Six inmates in a Syracuse, New York, prison believes so and are suing the state over the corrections department’s decision to lock down prisons on April 8, MyNBC 5 reported.

Seattle Public Schools is replacing its program for gifted students with a more “inclusive” and “equitable” program in an ongoing trend of states scrapping honors classes in the name of diversity.

Restaurant  owners  in California are starting to take their own action showing disapproval of the newly-enacted statewide $20 minimum wage.


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TEASE: Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry urged state officials to enact a policy that requires student-athletes to be present for the national anthem after the LSU women’s basketball team received harsh backlash for missing the national anthem before its regional final game against Iowa Monday night.