Presidential Debate unlike any in 64 years; Protestors swarm Alvin Bragg’s office and Julian Assange gets deal (Ep 175)

This week’s debate between President Biden and former President Trump will be unlike any in the 64 years since the beginning of  televised presidential debates.

Dozens of protesters swarmed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office building Monday to rip him for dismissing charges against members of the anti-Israel mob that attacked Columbia University — calling the move “a betrayal.”

Julian Assange reaches plea deal with US that would avoid jail time

The U.S. Postal Service rarely denies requests from police and federal agents looking for information displayed on letters and packages — without a court order.

South Carolina residents will see a larger income tax cut this year than originally scheduled, under a spending plan approved by budget negotiators and now headed to the entire general assembly for its OK.


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