President Trump talks about “unity” among GOP members of Congress; School Districts are banning cell phones (Ep 168)

President Donald Trump made a triumphant return to the nation’s capital yesterday giving a wide-ranging speech to House Republicans and calling GOP Senators “smart” people…while he  lashed out at his political enemies and praising his allies.

 From the New York Post: Kidnapped Nova festival guard revealed new details of Hamas torture according to his family.

 A squatter living in a New York home allowed the homeowner into the home to retrieve decades-old family belongings and claims he is protecting the home from others who may damage the home if he was not there!!!  These people are crazy and local authorities even more for allowing this!   

 Should cell phones be allowed in schools? One SC school district doesn’t think so and has voted to ban all cell phones from school campus starting when school returns this fall….we have all the details.




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