Politico says Soros, Gates and other leftist funding Anti-Israel protest; Tim Scott for VP? (Ep 139)

Since the rise of the anti-Israel protests started a few weeks back it has been suspected that funding for these thugs parading around some of the most prestigious campuses in country was coming from left leaning democrats. In a report over the weekend…Politico seemed to confirm those suspicions.

 Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) said in an NBC interview that former President Trump did not raise the possibility of Scott being his running mate at a gathering this past weekend.

ALSO…in the same appearance Senator Scott was repeatedly asked  whether he would commit to accepting the 2024 election results, no matter who wins,  NBC Host Kristen Welker seemed to get frustrated that he would not answer the way she thought he should!!!

As the race for VP continues, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has another problem in her book that is set to be released tomorrow. This time it appears she was untruthful about meeting North Korean Dictator Kim Jon Un.


SC Rep John McCravy joins us to talk about the final week of the SC legislative session and what bills have a chance of passing before adjournment on Thursday at 5P including whether South Carolina will become the 25th state to ban gender transition and health care for minors.


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