James Carville says Biden needs to keep foot on Trump’s neck and twist it! Biden says he’s decided on response to drone attack (Ep 71)

President Biden on Tuesday indicated he had decided on how to respond after three U.S. soldiers were killed in a drone attack that his administration has blamed on Iran-backed militia groups.

“We have to keep the foot on this guy, right on his neck, take our heel, and twist it.”….these are the words of democrat strategist James Carville talking with Jen Psaki and how the Biden campaign must fight against Donald Trump. If this had been a republican talking about a democrat…the mainstream media would be calling for their arrest…..you’re not going to believe this exchange!

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has confirmed that it has been flooding tunnels in Gaza with large volumes of water in its effort to attack the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas.

We deal with “Just the Truth” here….and the well known website …SNOPES….who is supposed the authority on “truth” is facing a huge backlash when they tried to cover for Joe Biden being seen wearing a construction hard hat….backwards!!!!


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