Israeli and US Officials say deal on hostage release close and a high school coach loses job for baptizing athletes (Ep 19)

Should school districts block students from being able to  access YouTube on school issued devices? That’s a decision Greenville County has made after YouTube and its parent company, Google, changed how inappropriate videos are filtered and while we’re talking about schools….a Georgia football coach has lost his job! What was he accused of….baptizing a group of his players after practice one day recently.


A British supermarket chain Booths has announced it will  begin removing nearly all of its self-checkout kiosks at stores in response to customer feedback…..this is coming at a time when some major US retailers are rethinking their decisions too……do you like the self-checkouts…or are you like me….always end up with a bad bar-code item and have to get assistance…


Ever heard of “NewsGuard”? It’s a federally funded for-profit that casts itself as an arbiter of online truth — part of a growing effort by the government to police speech and decide what they believe is safe of untrustworthy information for you and I to see….the problem….some of the very businesses they should be warning us about……are paying them big bucks for their services…’s the classic tell of the fox guarding the hen-house!!!


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