Israel officials say Biden misspoke on ceasefire and we visited City of David in Jerusalem (Ep91)

Senior Israeli officials said on Tuesday that they were unaware of any basis for U.S. President Joe Biden’s remarks on Monday that a hostage-for-ceasefire agreement in Gaza is imminent.

Harvard’s effort to root out antisemitism has officially entered Keystone Kops territory…according to an editorial written by the New York Post.

The illegal immigrant suspect charged in Augusta University nursing student Laken Riley’s death in Athens, Georgia, ..who is accused of “disfiguring” her skull, according to new information added to the affidavit by local officials.

….and boy, do I have a treat for you as we had the chance to visit with my friend Ze’ev Orenstein with the City of David….ever heard of the Pool of Siloam…I got to visit it yesterday and stand on a stone where Jesus stood as he taught the people traveling to the pool.


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