Is Joe Biden just an old forgetful man or an old habitual liar? Also, TX woman flees state for abortion (Ep 35)

Joe Biden speaking to a group of firefighters in Philadelphia…once again repeated the story…that he has told many times in the past and been called out on too. Biden’s version has his house almost burning down while Jill and the family cat were inside! So here’s my question for you….is Joe Biden just a forgetful old man…..or is Joe Biden just a old man who happens to be a liar?

The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee has been informally meeting with Republicans behind closed doors in an effort to persuade them to abandon the impeachment effort against President Biden, as GOP lawmakers prepare to vote to formalize the inquiry possibly this week.

President Biden’s week is off to a rocky start as a new 2024 election poll released Monday found him trailing three of the leading Republican presidential candidates in two key battleground general election matchups.

The Texas state Supreme court has ruled against a  woman in the middle of a legal war on whether she can get an abortion due to what she and her doctor are calling a medical emergency….. 31 year-old Kate Cox has fled the state in search of an abortion friendly state to abort her child.