Is it a question of does Trump win in Iowa or by how big of a margin? (Ep 59)

Record low temparatures in Iowa as caucuses are tonight….it’s been all hands on deck…with all the candidates making their last plea for support….

President Donald Trump …who is expected to win tonight….made headlines…when he told a protestor to “go home to mommy,” after he was interrupted during a rally in Indianola, Iowa on Sunday.

President Trump picked up some additional endorsemnets over the weekend…I’ll tell you about those.

Vivek Ramsawamy also had some protestors….and almost fell when he slipped on some ice while talking with reporters…(and man it is slick out here with snow drifts talling than cars!)

The Hill….in an exclusive report published yesterday…says Hunter Biden’s trip to Capitol Hill this week is shining a bright light on how Hunter Biden’s approach to the GOP investigations into his business dealings is independent of the White House.

You know those electronic signs you often see on interstate highways….they are there to give you a heads up about traffic conditions ahead….and sometimes….officials will get creative and throw in a little humor….well…the Biden DOT….says no more joking!!!!…as Biden would say…”I’m not joking”