Is George Soros buying conservative talk radio?; Kansas City Police release details on shooting and Trump is coming to Spartanburg (Ep 82)

Kansas City Police said one person is dead and multiple other people are injured after a shooting near the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory rally at Union Station on Wednesday.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.,  joined  President Donald Trump on stage in South Carolina last night amid rumors he could be chosen as Trump’s running mate.

George Soros is poised to take a massive stake in the nation’s second-largest radio company, which owns more than 220 stations nationwide, according to court filings and sources close to the situation.   

The IRS collection letters are arriving in mailboxes once again. And if you get one, tax professionals say, please, don’t throw it in a drawer and ignore it.

Did you see the Dunkin Donut ad during Sunday’s Superbowl? The extended edition of the hit “DunKings” Super Bowl ad has gone live with the coffee and donut chain seeing major demand for its affiliated merchandise……I’m going to need your help understanding this one!!!


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