Hunter Biden creates CHAOS showing up unannounced: Trump on Fox News Townhall and is Dabo heading to Alabama? (Ep 57)

It was a busy night with CNN hosting Fl Gov Ron DeSantis and Ambassador Nikki Haley in a debate while over on the Fox News Channel….President Trump was having his chance at a Townhall meeting in Iowa…..(and, Trump suggest he has picked his VP already) we have the details for you.

Another GOP Presidential hopeful drops out of the race.

There was chaos on Capital Hill yesterday…. who caused it…..Hunter Biden.  Biden triggered the chaos Wednesday with a surprise — and brief — appearance at a House Oversight Committee hearing where members were debating a resolution holding him in contempt of Congress…..wonder if he cleared this with Daddy Joe, first?

Governor Henry McMaster shares his vision for school teacher’s salaries. Announcing plans for his executive budget the Governor says we need to be paying our teachers more!

Does Dabo go to Alabama with Coach Saban retiring.

TEASE: big news in college football….did you hear who retired?  Stay with us because I have all the details.