Haley’s son calls Tim Scott…”Sen Judas” and Trump in SC campaigning is asking why Haley’s husband is not campaigning? (Ep 79)

Two people were injured and one suspect was killed during a shooting at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church on Sunday afternoon, Texas authorities say.

Instead of the traditional pre-Super bowl Presidential message….for the second year in a row….Joe Biden opted not to address sports fans. However,  President  Biden took to social media on Sunday ahead of the game to criticize food and beverage companies for “shrinkflation” consumers have encountered as the companies downsize their products to compensate for higher input costs.

The White House’s top national security spokesperson, John Kirby, is being promoted to an expanded role that puts him in charge of coordinating communications across several agencies.

Nikki Haley’s son, Nalin, slammed South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott as “Sen. Judas” for endorsing former president Donald Trump.

A super PAC aligned with independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. dropped a surprise commercial during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Missouri mother faces charges after mistakenly placing baby in oven instead of crib, police say.


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