Gov Abbott says terrorists are crossing the border and 2024 Presidential race tightening according to polls (Ep 118)

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott says Joe Biden’s approach at the border increases national security risks for his state and the country as a whole and doesn’t rule out the possibility that members of ISIS are already in the country.

Meanwhile, Gov Abbott was the featured speaker last night at a GOP even in New York City and Mayor Eric Adams said that he hopes the  Texas Governor will see how the city has managed the migrant crisis offering Abott a complimentary stay at a migrant shelter.

Just as we have all predicted, the 2024 election is going to be a roller coaster ride and some of the latest polling is reinforcing that with the 2024 race for the White House between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump appears to be tightening just weeks after the two became their respective parties’ presumptive nominees, according to recent national and battleground state polling.

A New York county faces legal setback over order restricting transgender players in women’s sports. It’s hard to believe we are still debating whether males should be allowed to play in female sports!

Where will you be watching the solar eclipse on Monday? Do you have plans? A group in NY have some unusual plans….you won’t believe how they plan to watch the eclipse.


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