FCA making a difference with Clemson athletes; Headed back home from Alaska! (Ep 184)

On Friday I was still on the Alaskan cruise ship….we made it to port on Saturday and today…I am traveling home and will be back with you in full force tomorrow!!!!

TODAY: as I travel back home to SC…. On a recent Sunday I was visiting at my brother and sister-in-law (Patti and Ansel King’s) church in Clemosn….it’s Blue Ridge Community Fellowship…under the leadership of Pastor Matt Schell.

Each week they set aside some time for someone in the church to talk about something that has impacted their life….and this is where I met Graycen Sanders and learned about her involvement the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for Clemson athletes….this particular chapter is just for Clemson student athletes….and Graycen was recently on a special mission trip to the Dominican republic and I’m excited for her to be able to share this with you and the impact the FCA is having on the Clemson campus.  


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