Dueling Presidents at the border while federal judge says Texas can’t arrest illegals (Ep 93_

A federal judge has blocked Texas from enforcing a new law that would make illegal immigration a state crime.

Meanwhile we had the dueling southern border visits with both Joe Biden and President Donald Trump within a few hundred miles of one another at the southern border.

The Border Patrol union issued a fiery warning on Thursday to President Biden, telling him to “keep our name out of your mouth,” hours before the president is due to meet with officials at the border and urge passage of a Senate border bill.

As we visited the southern region of Israel in the  Gaza envelope….we could see the Gaza border less than a mile away….my colleague Mike Gallagher interviewed Keith Ilon Issacson who played a pivotal role in securing a Kibbutz that was one of the first points of attack by the Hamas terrorist on Oct 7th.  

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