Democrats and Republicans denounce antisemitism on college campuses; Trump juror leaves early for dentist (Ep 130

Finally Democrats and Republicans have found something they agree on. Several congressional lawmakers denounced antisemitism on college campuses, particularly Columbia University…where anti-Israel protesters briefly took over a part of the Ivy League school campus, resulting in hundreds of arrests.

The Chicago City Council has given the green-light to an extra $70 million for the care of illegal immigrants in the Windy City  and residents are not happy!!

Opening arguments started yesterday in President Donald Trump’s so-called hush money trial and even a CNN panel recognized the lunacy of the court when the judge dismissed the proceedings early because an alternate juror had a dental appointment…yet, the judge has not agreed to allow President Trump to attend his son, Barron’s high school graduation!!

Joe Biden has been predicting severe consequences of climate change since his first day in office when he signed multiple executive orders pandering to the climate change hysteria. Michael Dorstewitz writing for Newsmax lists it’s 6 Biggest Failed Climate Predictions of the past.


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