California wants to charge for electricity based on income…not usage! Trump leads Biden by narrow margin in PA (Ep 102)

The Keystone State saw nail-biters in both the 2016 and 2020 elections and looks Pennsylvania is  headed for a repeat this November. A new Fox News polls shows the race is up for grabs with President holding a slight lead.

 I have a question for the first son…… which is it Hunter….do you want a public hearing or not?? Have you heard the latest on Hunter Biden’s invitation to tell his story on capital hill?

California braces for new electric plan: Make more, pay more…as the state is trying to decide How to go green without going broke? You want to know how they plan to do it? California lawmakers mandated utilities statewide  begin billing ratepayers based not on how much electricity they use, but on how much money they make! I know I have listeners in California…..I’m telling, get out while you can. Details on today’s show!!

A time capsule was placed behind a cornerstone at the former Spartanburg City Hall building back in 1961 . The builind is now set to be demolished. The capsule’s contents will soon be unveiled. Any speculation of what could be inside? Maybe a copy of my birth announcement as that was the year I was born!!



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