Biden tells reporter to “set up the debate”; Bodycam footage released in Florida and Sen Sanders says cancel medical debt (Ep 143)

President Biden gave a three-word response when he was asked whether he would debate former President Trump prior to the election…..”set it up”

Two months after ending her White House bid, Nikki Haley will huddle early next week with some of the top donors to her Republican presidential campaign, sources confirmed to Fox News. 

A group of top oil executives is said to have been shocked by a very blunt fundraising request by Donald Trump in a weekend meeting at Mara Lago.

 A Florida sheriff publicly released bodycam footage from a deputy who fatally shot a Black airman in his home last week – and disputed claims from the victim’s family that the deputy had gone to the wrong apartment.

Black Lives Matter Group Sues Massive Liberal Foundation Claiming ‘Egregious Mismanagement’ Of $33 Million In Funds

 First it is student loans and now Bernie Sanders wants to pass New Legislation that Would Cancel Americans’ Medical Debt

Consumers owe billions, with many of them expressing no hope of every paying it off…should it be forgiven??


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