Biden Family will not hang Christmas Stockings to Avoid Acknowledging 7th Grandchild (Ep 25)

The Biden White House is opting to ditch the annual Christmas tradition of hanging stockings for President Biden’s grandchildren to allow avoiding devoting a decoration for the president’s seventh grandchild, who he only recently acknowledged for the first time.

KJP was confronted by Fox News WH correspondent Peter Doocy on why she and President Biden continue to claim that things have improved with our economy.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has invited FL Gov Ron DeSantis and former SC Gov Nikki Haley to a debate on her show….who do you think has accepted….and which candidate has been crickets…so far??


Nikki Haley…poking fun at the Gamecocks….suggests that Trump’s presence at Saturday’s game didn’t prove to be so lucky for the USC football team!!!!