Biden Adm is trying to convince Americans their Thanksgiving Turkey costs less this year because of Bidenomics (Ep 21)

Have you bought your turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow? The Biden administration is trying to convince Americans that our Thanksgiving meal will actually cost us LESS this year….it’s another attempt to convince us that Bidenomics is working.

An Internal Senate memo highlights how the Biden Admin is trying to tie highway funding to woke priorities.

Last week House Speaker Mike Johnson vowed to release 44,000 hours of Jan 6 footage to the general public….so you and I can see for ourselves what exactly happened that day….the release of the tapes has raised some questions as the Supreme Court prepares to hear a couple of cases involving J^ defendants…..


Remember how the US military forced service members to get the covid vaccine shot….or be discharged? Thousands lost their military career because of the vaccine mandates. Well, things have changed with recruiting efforts falling short. Both the US Army and Air Force have sent letters to former servicemembers providing guidance on how to seek corrections to their discharge records and how to return to service.