Arizona AG indicts 18 Republicans in 2020 election case;Texas police on horseback shut down anti-Israel protest (Ep 132)

Joe Biden, the man who is trying to convince Americans he is capable of serving another four years as the world most powerful man did it again yesterday. Biden appears to read script instructions out loud in his latest teleprompter gaffe.

A grand jury in Arizona on Wednesday indicted 18 Republicans with conspiracy, fraud, and forgery for submitting a document to Congress “falsely” declaring that Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in Arizona during the 2020 presidential election.

Racing around a campus blocking streets and sidewalks to protest the US support of Israel may work in New York City….but a group of anti-Israel protestors at the University of Texas (inspired by Columbia University) learned the hard way….that don’t work too well in Texas!!

Are manufacturing jobs about to be unionized in SC? After a landmark union vote last Friday in
Tennessee… the United Autoworkers Union has its sights on two SC auto plants.



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