Just a Prank or Serious Business?

Actor/Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again. In his new Showtime series,Who is America”, Cohen duped public officials into thinking he is an Israeli official giving them an award for their support of Israel.  Of the victims, SC Congressman Joe Wilson is on-camera appearing to support arming kindergarten students.  Other notables such as former Congressman (now radio talk show host) Joe Walsh fell victim and tells Good Morning Britain’s Pierce Morgan he said something stupid!!

This begs the question?  Should this just be viewed as a prank and a warning to public officials/entertainers that they are always potential victims of this shenanigans?  Or should Showtime be ashamed for promoting such trash?  According to this ABC report, former TV producer, Dharma Arthur says Baron Cohen got her fired for booking him on her local TV station during one of his previous pranks.  Is this all just fun or has Sacha Baron Cohen taken things too far this time?


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